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You can spend hours every day on repetitive tasks — that’s a choice! However, it costs you more than just time. It costs you innovation, growth, money, and the chance to lead your market.

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Every day without automation is a step towards irrelevance.
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With over half a decade of experience, we guide enterprises towards automation.

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Three steps to transform your business operations.

STRATEGIES & Integration

Next, we’ll implement custom automation solutions designed to streamline your unique business processes. This step ensures that new technologies integrate smoothly with your existing systems.

Training & Support

Finally, we provide training and ongoing support to ensure your team is well-equipped to use the new systems. This ensures smooth adoption and maximizes the benefits of the new technologies.


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The cost depends on the job at the moment, but we're working to develop a subscription solution. Prices can vary based on your project's specifics. Connect with us, and we'll provide a detailed breakdown based on your exact needs!

Think of it like having your own secret weapon! It's all about saving time, cutting out the boring stuff, and giving you more space to work on the fun, juicy parts of your business. So yeah, it's kind of like having your own superhero squad behind the scenes!

Having a website is like having a shop that never closes. It's open for business 24/7, catering to your customers' needs whenever they arise. Whether it's 3 AM or 3 PM, your website is always there, ready to engage with visitors, answer their questions, and ultimately, drive sales.

See, we're not into fancy jargon or confusing you with tech talk. We're all about keeping it real and making sure you know exactly what you're getting. No secrets, just straight-up clarity.


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Real Stories, Real Success



Kerrsid was fantastic to work with! They ensured I understood everything by thoroughly explaining their processes and business. We even had a detailed call to address any questions I had. I highly recommend partnering with them for a seamless collaboration experience!

Magda Mihalache
Product Engagement Specialist, UiPath
- Linkedin Profile


Managed IT Services

We greatly appreciate the services provided by Kerrsid. Their expertise and proactive support are deeply appreciated. Their support was top-notch, and the results? Simply awesome. Our operations are smoother than ever, thanks to these guys. We’re grateful for their ongoing collaboration.

Crișan Octavian
Founder, Ensys Renewable Solutions


Web Development

Kerrsid nailed it! They whipped up a stunning and super user-friendly website that captured what I had in mind. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to realize their website!

Luca Ionut
Business Owner, Besten

Managed IT Services

Kerrsid really came through for us! They created awesome automation that streamlined our product delivery. Super supportive and innovative, they’ve made our operations smoother and more efficient. Big thanks to the team – we totally appreciate working with you guys!

Vlad Bala
Business Owner, Core Software Solutions


IT Solutions

Partnering with Kerrisd has transformed our company. Their IT solutions have optimized our operations across all departments, boosting efficiency and accelerating growth. Partnering with them has helped us work more smoothly and grow faster.

Sebastian Crișan
Founder and CEO, Sewcels | Former CEO, Ensys


Web Development

Working with Kerrsid was an exceptional experience. They delivered our Laravel project promptly, surpassing all expectations with outstanding support and results. Their expertise is clearly reflected in the quality of work they produce.

Akos Palotas
Business Owner, Make Softwares

Want to Work Smarter, Not Harder?

We’ve got the solutions to take tasks off your hands. Let’s talk about automating your way to a lighter workload.

Kerrsid specializes in providing custom automation solutions that help companies improve their processes and workflows, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. With our help, companies can grow continuously in a century of fast digitization.

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